Qualcomm Launches its $350 Toq Smartwatch to Transform Wearable Device Industry


toqQualcomm has launched its Android-based Qualcomm Toq (‘talk’) smartwatch in a move that will disrupt the smartwatch industry even when Qualcom is not any giant inthe consumer electronics industry.

Toq allows users to receive or reject calls via a Bluetooth® wireless technology, view text messages and meeting alerts, and selectively receive notifications from their smartphone or AllJoyn-enabled devices directly from their wrist.

Set to be available December 2, 2013, Toq is an Android OS based smartwatch, runs on a Qualcomm processor, has Qualcomm Mirasol™ display technology ad lasts for multiple days of battery life and is visibility even in bright sunlight. It comes with accessories such as headphones and allows for wireless charging.

clock_charging_smallAccording to Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of Qualcomm, the $349.99 Toq smartwatch showcases key Qualcomm innovations, such as Mirasol always on low power display, AllJoyn interactions and WiPower LE wireless charging, that will define the emerging wearable category.

The Toq displays information at a glance with no on/off switch like a normalk watch,  can receive notifications and content like a smartphone.

white_headsetSome of the technologies the Toq has been build on include;
• Mirasol display technology – for an always on, always visible reflective display even in bright sunlight;
• Qualcomm WiPower™ LE technology – enables a hassle-free, true “drop and go” wireless charging experience,
• Stereo Bluetooth audio experience – first truly wireless stereo headphones that sit outside the ear canal for all day comfort and wearability.