Safaricom Plans to Begin Content Streaming and TV on Demand Services


movie streaming

Kenya’s integrated communications firm, Safaricom is seeking to increase the use of data by offering on demand television services for its customer.

Bob Collymore the company’s CEO said that the company aims to bring services such as “streaming of internet protocol television, looking at video on demand, balancing the type of content and understanding local market needs.”

The service which is aimed to be up in 12 months will be available on mobile phones, tablets and on television sets.

The video on demand services have seen a lot of attraction from the investors with Able Wireless, the first of its kind in sub Saharan Africa ready to launch their home streaming service.

Able Wireless will be able to bring latest movies and series through a blackbox that will also provide unlimited internet for the users.

Such services will definitely pile pressure on the traditional broadcasters and they will have to look at how they will change their model to suit the oncoming wave.