PlayStation is more popular in Nigeria than Xbox – JUMIA


ps4Nigeria’s ecommerce platform, JUMIA has revealed that gamers in Nigeria prefer the PlayStation over Xbox. Ore Odusanya, Head of Gaming & Electronics JUMIA Nigeria said the brand is more widely accepted in Nigeria than the Xbox and he added that the average Nigerian gamer would go for PlayStation.

He said: “PlayStation is more widely accepted and Nigerians are more open to playing PlayStation games generally. The new Xbox is not yet out officially so we can’t say much about it. But generally, the average Nigerian gamer would go for PlayStation over Xbox.”

On the PS4 that the company is debuting in Nigeria, he said it is more than an ordinary gaming device; according to him, it is a complete entertainment system that has more improvements over the PS3.

“First is connectivity. PS3 only had Wi-Fi, but for the PS4 it has Bluetooth so you can connect it to iPhone, iPad and android devices. Another good thing about PS4 is sharing. You can share songs, games, and others. You can also download games on it which the PS3 didn’t have. It comes with a larger memory.

“You can place it sideways, better graphics and has an internal processor. It is a better gaming system and it’s not just for playing games, you can store all your movies, songs and others. So I will say it is a complete entertainment system and not just a gaming system,” Odusanya said.