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Kenya to Pilot New Technology for Producing Electricity, Drinking Water & Heat Simultaneously

by Sam Wakoba
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dsc_9697A new project by Schneider Electric dubbed MiCROSOL aims to be the first to produce electricity, drinking water and heat simultaneously to benefit micro-industries in Africa’s rural areas.

 The technology based on the principle of cogeneration of electricity and heat aims to help people access reliable and affordable electricity; ever-flowing clean drinking water  and continuous and environmentally sound heat.

Expected to be ready for commercialization in 2015 in Kenya, Microsol can help micro-producers in the food, textile and paper industries with processing their raw materials by automating some of their processes such as drying, washing and  pasteurization. It is also expected to provide energy for the tourist industry to power services such as refrigeration or security; heat for hot water, laundry or heating; water for drinking or cooking.


With 50 MWh/year of electricity, 1,000 m3/year of drinking water, and around 800 MWh/year of thermal energy, Microsol technology has an expected life of at least 20 years and help meet some or all of the production needs of local residents such as water supply, electrification of communal areas, and so forth. It can also guarantees zero greenhouse gas emissions, reduced deforestation and health problems owing to the clean production of heat and electricity.


Gilles Vermot Desroches, Senior Vice-President, Sustainability, Schneider Electric said, “All countries with high levels of sunshine are potential targets for marketing Microsol. However, because of its infrastructure needs, geographical location and economic models, Schneider Electric and its partners decided to focus their efforts on Africa”.




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