VC4Africa’s September Cohort Aim to Raise Over $1 Million



The Able Wireless Company, FastCashier, Kiro’o Games, LPM/L’Espace, Mellowcabs, MMABON’, Mobile Charging Kiosk, My eCampus, Rethink Education, and Save & Buy have graduated from VC4Africa’s September Cohort class with a vision to raise over $10,000 and $1 million in seed funding.

Present this week by VC4Africa, the 10 startups are  presently in talks with investors to raise funds. Two of the startups have already picked up funding and are set to be introduced to members of the VC4Africa Investor Network said VC4Africa.

Though mostly an online training, the three month-long session helps startups build traction, great teams, master fundraising, pitching and deal closing.

According to VC4Africa’s September Cohort Program Manager Saskia Reus-Makkink, “In the program we challenge the entrepreneurs to look at their venture form an investor angle. We focus on traction and showing proof to investors. The companies’ complete and up to date documentation is now available for investors part of the VC4Africa Investor Network on the entrepreneurs’ VC4Africa venture profiles.”

“The most valuable part of being part of the cohort has been the one-on-one sessions with the VC4Africa team going over and refining my business plan, said Doug Hoernle of Rethink Education, one of the entrepreneurs from VC4Africa’s September Cohort and added,

“It has helped me get my plan to an investable state. I enjoyed hearing about the other entrepreneurs’ ideas and sharing my project with them. Pitching experience is always worthwhile. I believe you can never pitch your idea enough!” Hoernle added.

Apart from benefitting from advice on deal structuring, negotiation and more, the program also gave the participants the exposure and connections they need. The networks will also help them expand their businesses.

Cecil S. Nutakor of MyeCampus, whom fellow participants said had the best pitch praised the program for its siginicancy to his business.

He said, “The exposure to different opportunities in different geographical areas within the African continent is enormous. I made a deal with fellow cohort participant Mobile Charging Kiosk from Uganda that will allow us to franchise their mobile charging technology. I have also expressed interest in Kiroo Games for the development of educational games and remain in talks with FastCashier and whether or not it makes sense to use their online payment services. It is incredible the magnitude of what can be achieved in a short time with every one of these companies on board as partners!”

With a VC4Africa Pro Account accredited investors can now access the full details of the startups. They can also follow hundreds of other ventures gaining traction in over 40 African markets, network with fellow members, coordinate due diligence, and cofund deals with fellow investors on the VC4Africa Investor Network.