We’re The Millers


We are the Millers

This is a comedy about a small time drug dealer who must appease a drug kingpin by bringing in a ‘smidge’ of marijuana from Mexico into the US. David (Jason Sudekis – you might know him from Saturday Night Live) plays the dad and hires a broke stripper, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), to be his wife and ‘mum’ to his 2 fake kids. He figures he won’t get stopped at the border if he rents an RV (mobile home) and hires the three dysfunctional misfits so they can all pose as a squeaky clean family on holiday.

Aniston gives a spectacular performance, who knew our beloved ‘friend’ had moves, she strips down and does a dance, to save her ‘family’ from a drug lord that they had apparently stolen from, so as to save them. We have Casey (Emma Roberts) an angry teen with a big mouth and Kenny (Will Poulter), who is just perfect for the part of virgin, sweet teenage guy.

The family as we see on screen is funny, in some ways a little disgusting, and charming. The film works well with the pairing of Sudekis and Aniston, and you may end up comparing it to Horrible Bosses, which to me is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long while. The movie is actually wonderful with characters that you grow to love, and it’s not too common for the modern comedy.

My ratings for the movie is 8 stars out of 10 reason being I watched it a second time and still laughed at the one-liners and witty remarks by the characters. It’s not a roll on the floor kind of movie but you still want to watch it a second time. I recommend the film to everyone, not only comedy lovers. Other similar movies would be: Horrible Bosses, The Heat and The Internship.

What we get from this movie is that family, be it blood relation or circumstances, will always be family and we are to stick to one another for better or worse. Who knew there are lessons to be learnt from such dumb and funny comedies?