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The Chemistry is Right!

Breaking Bad is a stunning must-watch series: a show you dread and crave at once. I once called such a program ‘boringly interesting’ and indeed this series captures all the elements of suspense, thriller, comedy and drama. The show’s protagonist, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), is a high-school chemistry teacher who has a wife, a disabled teenage son, and a baby on the way. Given a diagnosis of late stage lung cancer; he teams up with a former student named Pinkman (Aaron Paul) who is now a drug dealer, to make the drug called Crystal Meth. You don’t like what Walter is doing, but at the same time you try to understand why he is doing it.

Each season, Walter has made far less justifiable choices, each one changing him, with a hint of arrogance and egotism here and there. We see how the denial and desperation that can occur to the common working class citizen, the pillar of society, that suddenly changes his moral standing in a society driven by money. We’re deep in the Scarface stage; that is the hero of the show is now its villain. To say this program has great writing is an understatement, the writers and directors have done it justice as the dialogue is brilliant, and I look for another series to compare this plot to but all that comes close to it is ‘Dexter’

The characters don’t over exaggerate their roles, just true to life screwed up events that could take place anywhere in the real world. I think they did their research on this one very well. It appeals to everyone even those who say they can’t sit down and watch a series; they’ll find themselves addicted and glued to their seats. If I was to rate this series out of 10 it would get 9.8 stars, that’s how good it is. With its season finale having aired a couple of weeks ago, I would urge those who haven’t watched it to go look for it because Breaking Bad is art, from beginning to end.

Other shows that I would recommend viewers to look out for and watch are: Homeland, House of Cards and Hostages. It’s just coincidental that they all start with the same letter but I assure you they will keep you glued to your seats if you are into thrilling action drama.