Top 10 Apps You Need to Use Today



We have selected some of the Mobile Apps that have been ticking in 2013, some have already acquired international recognition. We have to salute our African developers they have bigger brains than anyone could ever imagine, in fact their presence in Silicon Valley has made the world fish for more brains in Africa.

We needed not to have included Safaricom’s M-pesa but this SMS money transfer app is a must have in Kenya since its launch in 2007. With over 14 million subscribers and 28,000 agents in Kenya with replications in Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Egypt, India and Afghanistan.

                  2.  The number two spot goes to iCow, yet another App form Safaricom which was made for farmers. It offers subscribers advice on gestation, milk production and fodder and has 6,000 subscribers.

                 3.      On number three we have MedAfrica, which help consumers know what they are suffering from by checking the database of symptoms on the app and also has a directory of  top doctors and hospitals in the country. The app is available for Android.

4.      Africa Travel Guide is our number four, it provides broad information to more than one thousand destination to any phone or tablet with no need of an internet connection anywhere in Africa.

5.      At number five we have M-Farm. This Kenyan app gives market prices for crops as well as connecting farmers with buyers of their products.

 6.      My Social Mobile, takes the sixth position. It has taken the world by storm as it offers voice alerts upon new notifications on any social media.

7. at number seven, this App lets users, mostly online banking, secure their data. It saves any text message at a secure location, so users can safeguard information contained in a text message.

8.      Olalashe, an Android App which hold the eighth position helps users when in trouble as it sends an SOS message to all emergency contacts on the user’s mobile, alerting them that the owner needs help. It allows you to: Enter your In-Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts, choose these contacts from your phone book, send an SMS that you are in trouble with a link to your location to all your ICE Contacts.

9.      M-Pepea, a automated app set to revolutionize Kenya’s credit system by offering instant loans to workers at a fee via their mobile phones. M-Pepea targets employees on full-time basis registered for the service and offers small emergency loans ranging from (US$58 to US$350) depending on pay-scal

10.  NikoHapa, shows users new joints as well as connecting friends. It also acts as a loyalty program by rewarding users who visit certain locations, retailers and restaurants spend money and share these locations with their friends.