Brooklyn Nine Nine (Season 1): Cops Prepare to be Mocked!


brooklyn nine nine 2

Season 1:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is a police comedy with smart mockery and sharply defined characters in very well diverse company, led by (former Saturday Night Live member) Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, the precinct joker who’s actually a first-rate detective; and the admirable Andre Braugher proving to be a smart hand at restrained comedy as the Nine-Nine’s straight-faced new captain Ray Holt, whose intriguing back story makes him much more than a party pooper.

Dampening the fun would be a tall order indeed with characters as immediately engaging as Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris) as Sgt. Terry Jeffords, a shaky hulk who lost his edge after becoming a dad to twins; Stephanie Beatriz as the fiercely intimidating Detective Rosa Diaz, who nevertheless is being wooed in vain by Joe Lo Truglio’s miserably nerdy Detective Charles Boyle; Chelsea Peretti as the persistently gossipy civilian administrator Gina Linetti; and Melissa Fumero as the ultra-competitive Detective Santiago, whose rivalry with Peralta becomes an office obsession and distraction.

There’s considerable cast chemistry, but also nice touches as the cops go about their business, when in the middle of tense stand-offs and criminal pursuits they encounter stubborn Brooklyn-ites who refuse to get out of their way. And in what might become a running gag, you’ll see a familiar face in an inspired cameo as the detectives bitterly perform door-to-door canvases. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the tendency is to laugh before you stop and frisk. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if that were true?

This show is hilarious and the perfectly timed come backs with by Braugher and Crews are classic. It’s the low key lines that make it hilarious, and the over-the-top cheap laughs are something all shows have to do to please the masses that are slow. Pay attention to the underlying comedy, its priceless and “Terry does love yogurt” is the best line if do say. I give this series 7.5 stars for the comical effect.