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Today we will take a dive in the internet area of technology, some know some don’t know what this words mean even though we are soon shifting into to digital world this words are still jargon to some; some other will be seen or rather heard after we have successfully migrated, digitally of course.

  • Broadband – This is a way to spread data through a single medium that carries many channels at the same time. That is how people can surf through the internet each on different computers and every person looking for something different. More  like a tree with fruits many people can feed on one tree with different branches and be satisfied.
  • Spectrum – This is a range of frequencies which wireless devices can use to transmit and receive information. In simple terms we can equate it to a telephone line, they are invisible connection lines that enable wireless devices to transmit and receive information.
  • White space – Television is transmitted in mass of radio signal which have space in between them, this is the space that creates a difference between stations. In between this stations are spaces that could be used as stations yet they are free. That is what we call white space. To bring the point home; it is like a new building with few occupants the empty rooms are what we would call white spaces
  • Digital television – This is a way of receiving television signal in a digital format in that there will be better and clearer pictures as well as good sound; this also gives more space in the frequencies unlike the analogue which occupies a lot of irrelevant spaces. Switching to digital means that there will be more space for other broadcasting stations, and will be broadcasting better pictures as well as audio. No more fixing of the Ariel.
  • Digital migration – this is the process of moving from the analogue signal to the digital, meaning clearer pictures and audio releasing empty frequencies that the analogue occupy to create more space for other broadcasting channels to fill.
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Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
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