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Track The IM Streams With A Cell Phone Spy

stealthgenie cell phone spyInstant Messaging, more casually the IMs, have taken the world with a storm. The new smartphones have made numerous IM apps a popular feature in it. The availability of an internet connection is all what one needs over a smartphone to send text messages. Parents as well as employers are getting seriously worried over this rise in IMs and a cell phone spy is what can be the right solution to it.

Spy App and IMs

Spy app makes the life easy for parents who have children and employers who are worried about the employees. The new things that come with it make it an all more interesting thing. It is an answer to the responsibility one has to monitor children, employee etc.

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StealthGenie is the Genius

The cell phone spying is what makes StealthGenie such a popular app. The IMs, as we all know, is something what we need to monitor more carefully. The reasons are way too many. SMS texting is an obsolete thing. It can be tracked by cellular services but by far the only method of communication.

Even though new era brought new troubles, it brought new solutions as well.

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What good can one get

With StealthGenie, one can simply be relaxed once it is on a gadget. It is not just simple in fact it is simply awesome.

It offers,

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  • GPS Location Tracking (Geo-Tracking, Geo-Fencing)
  • Text Messages (the deleted ones as well)
  • IMs (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype)
  • Live Surrounding
  • Call Recording
  • Live Call Intercept


StealthGenie cell phone tracker works splendidly perfect on Blackberry (OS 5.0 and above), Android (2.1 and above), iOS (All versions). The added features coupled with an excellent Customer response team make it an interesting deal.

What makes the most of IM platforms an attractive thing can be made a tool to monitor your children, employees and sub-ordinates.


The very best:

The features can easily be inserted in a target phone with no footprints of downloads to make anyone aware or alert. Moreover, the cost of $8.33/month to avail the above features is certainly a worth buying thing. A few more bucks and many other features also pour in. StealthGenie is a comprehensive answer to all the cell phone spy questions

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