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Meet Kolibree: World’s First Connected Electric Tootbrush.

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Kolibree-Toothbrush-image-001Invented by Thomas Serval a French engineer and tech leader in the state, the Kolibree toothbrush, which syncs wirelessly with a smart phone to track brushing habits was unveiled at the international consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

Users will download a mobile app and connect via Bluetooth and the toothbrush will document every brushing using the three in-built sensors that record; the duration of brushing, whether all four quadrants are brushed, whether you brush up and down instead of just side-to-side making the tedious daily activity into a game.

Thomas Serval invented the “smart toothbrush” after suspecting that his children were lying to him about whether they had brushed their teeth, the brush working just like a regular one will mostly help parents monitor their children’s brushing behavior by connecting to their phones.

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It also can share information with your social network or better still your dentist, the brushing data will also be via an API to let third party game designers develop new apps for the kolibree system.

The manual beam brush went on sale about a year ago also connecting via Bluetooth to show progress charts but like the Kolibree the beam doesn’t track the brush’s movement in the mouth.

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