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Usoni Sci-Fi Series To Premier At Alliance Francaise Cinema

by Stella Kabura
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Alliance Francaise, Nairobi, will for the first time screen the well sought after Usoni TV series, following its official screening at the United States International University on 27 November 2013 and its huge response from international media and movie reviewers.

Since its first screening at the University, the Usoni crew having a cast of about 15 actors has generated an audience of curious fans checking out the trailer posted on social media. Thus far, the number of views the official trailer on Youtube has generated has risen from 300 in October 2013 to a whopping 17,663 to date.

The series set in 2062, produced by Dr. Marc Rigaudis, directed by Cherie Lindiwe tells a futuristic story of European refugees seeking paradise in Africa. It has indeed captured the hearts of many viewers and readers in the Diaspora with many expressing mixed reactions after watching its short preview.

“What you are about to see might not be ornamented with the best production bling-blings, but it certainly is a daring and exiting story!” commented a viewer on Youtube.

“This looks intriguing – I wonder if we will see it in the UK at some point,” added Tony Jones on Youtube, among others that expressed high hopes of the plot’s idea would get support from channels abroad while others tried to imagine the real-life possibility of Europe seeking refuge in Africa – a continent often referred to as one with diverse challenges.

“At last. I was wondering when we might see such a narrative develop. Glad it has been made and, no matter the quality of this first outing, I think this is a rich seam of potentially new stories – certainly an intriguing setting,” noted another.

However, other viewers of the official trailer who aired their opinions to The Guardian did not seem to see the plot’s science fiction essence.

“What’s fiction about it? The Portuguese are migrating to Angola in large numbers and other parts of Africa are seeing economic growth that a decade ago would have been unimaginable,” a reader informed the publication.

“This sort of thing has happened before but in the 18th and 19th centuries it was called invasion and colonisation. I suppose it all depends on who has the biggest guns,” added another.

Thus, with enormous feedback, Usoni series has undergone its final touches of its first 30 minute premier episode set to be screened in local cinema for the first time.

Alliance Francase, the French Cultural Centre in the heart of Nairobi’s CBD will be screening The Usoni pilot episode of a TV series this coming Monday the 27th of January 2014 from 6.00pm. Entrance at the Center located along Loita Street, adjacent to Uhuru Highway Nairobi will be free and open to the public.

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