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Nigeria’s Wants to be the ‘Google’ for Jobs in Africa & Other Emerging Markets

by Sam Wakoba
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Founded in May last year, Nigeria’s wants to be a ‘Google’ for jobs and a Facebook for professionals in Africa and to prove this it has already signed up 11,000 users and aggregated over 200,000 new jobs.

The site combines search and professional networking to help job seekers land their dream jobs and expand their professional network.

According to Emmanuel Okeleji, Co-founder at, the website aggregates jobs from job sites, company career pages, newspapers among others and index the search results just like giant search engine Google. This gives job seekers a unified search experience.

Apart from job aggregation and search, Insidify also has a professional networking platform that helps job seekers find people on their Facebook, LinkedIn and  email contacts who work in any of the companies that advertise the vacancies aggregated. (Through this connections (which looks like a privacy issue) job seekers get to know when any job that fit their qualification is posted online or withing their networks.


Though they are not the only ones in Nigeria, they say they are unique in that they make searching for jobs far easier and add to it the social  and professional networking bit. The site’s latest feature called “Employer Platform” helps to  solve the problems facing most Nigerian employers and recruiters alike by helping them projecting their brands and connecting with thousands of professionals and job seekers on The employer platform, a profile page for employers, also gives them an opportunity to influence/attract top talents on insidify where they make career decisions.

Using the profile page, firms can can update their statuses, just like on social networks and engage and grow their user bases or even promote their products and services or just company news and offers.  Employers can also share and promote products and services for reviews and get feedbacks from the public.t

insidify3Insidify add that the employer platform also readily matches employers with candidates as long as they fit their portfolio and they can also access the database of CV’s and track a candidate’s social behavior before recruiting them. Insidify has its eye on the African market and other emerging economies and wants to make life easier for job seekers, recruiters and employers using its job aggregation and professional social networking site.

As social media gains ground in Africa, Okeleji says the future of recruitment is undoubtedly social and his firm is helping Nigerians get into this future, it is defining it.

” Yes we are new and people think what we are doing at is truly world class, but we are not resting, we are driven by a passion to make impact, to deliver real value, we drive ourselves each day to invent, innovate and do more for the customer, we dont put a cap on creativity, or a limit on what is possible. The way we see, this is only the beginning,” he Okeleji concludes.

One of the sites we thought would suffer from Insidify’s entry into the job search market was, Africa’s premier job search engine but Churchill Nanje, co-founder and CEO thinks otherwise.

“The only competition Njorku has is Njorku. We have 40million+ unemloyed and underemployed people in Sub-Sahara Africa alone.The industry is still very young and alot of people will try to tackle this issue and its all for the greater good for the average African.”

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