Symantec And Pamoja Africa Partner To Provide Cloud Tech To Kenya And SA



Pamoja Africa has partnered with Symantec in order to dispense Symantec’s suite of cloud services in sub- Saharan Africa.

The alliance will ensure that Pamoja’s expanding channel and service provider ecosystem has access to these services.

Mark Smissen, cloud services manager at Symantec, said that the partnership will provide Symantec with the opportunity to address an exciting new route to market for its cloud services. It is delivered by the next generation of specialist partners and service providers that are positioned to capitalize on the exploding demand for cloud security services.

“It’s an opportunity for Symantec to address under served and unmet needs of customers and partners in Africa, and to do this quickly,” he said.“These enterprise class cloud services have typically only been accessible by larger organisations – these changes with the Pamoja partnership in that SMB and corporate customers can enjoy the same level of protection and service.”

Pamoja Africa is the cloud services business unit of Seacom that was started in 2011 by Brian Herlihy (Seacom’s founder) and Stanfford Masie (former GM of Google South Africa). It is a provider of wholesale cloud computing services via telecommunication companies, ISPs and other service providers in Africa.

Through a new data peering arrangement between Seacom and Symantec these services are delivered via the shortest and fastest route to the Pamoja cloud datacentres in South Africa and Kenya.