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Integr8 And MTN Business Will Offer Better Connection

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Integr8 and MTN Business 10 year partnership is based on the principle of combined solution and service rollout using a single point of contact. Clients who are connected to Integr8’s unique Nerve Centre® are automatically aligned with- and stand to benefit from Integr8 and MTN Business combined solution provision.

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Robert Sussman, joint CEO of Integr8 explains, the advent of the cloud, mobility and other trends requires that there is a strong connection between a traditional infrastructure partner and a tier-one fully fledged communications provider offering all services through both fixed and mobile communications.

 “Clients can take advantage of the partnership between the two companies by combining the services of a leading ICT infrastructure partner in Integr8, with one of the biggest Communications providers in Africa – and still have the benefits of a single point of contact. By combining the services of both companies into a single solution, the market has access to world-class connectivity, hosting and cloud services, but with the flexibility and choice to decide on their specific needs without any compromise,” he said.

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The benefit of this alliance is that, the two companies have the expertise and ability to pool their respective resources, in order to customize and streamline any solution. They are in a position to mold, adapt and streamline a number of technologies to suit a client’s requirements. 

MTN Business and Integr8 represent a unified force, not only in solution customization, roll-out and integration, but also in the area of reliable support. A chief component of the partnership is to ensure that clients receive the quality technology and services they require; another is that they have peace of mind that their environments are looked after – with partners geared for any issue that may arise.

“By combining these world class solutions with the Integr8 Nerve Centre® on a day to day basis, clients can be assured that they don’t just get the best solutions to their requirements, but that the environment will be well maintained and looked after on a 24/7 basis. The close working relationship between the Integr8 Nerve Centre® and the MTN Business support staff also ensures that any incident that might occur gets dealt with in a quick and professional manner,” adds Sussman.

Clients are able to successfully integrate and run any number of MPLS services, all of which are entirely supported through the Integr8, MTN Business partnership.  

“Together with our partner MTN Business, we are immensely proud of our combined track record in service delivery for clients. We anticipate, with the growth in significance of cloud services, in unified communications and convergence of technologies, that this relationship will continue to add substantial value going forward,” Sussman concludes.

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Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
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