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CEO Weekends: Fashion Trends to look out for in 2014-Jumia

by Sam Wakoba
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1904181_594364623974998_902284793_nFashion keeps changing every year. Though old fashion trends keep coming back to rock runways some of them die a bitter death. The trends that we saw last year includes red carpets favorite Great Gatsby from the 60’s movie, Monochrome, Color blocking, Pastels and more 60’s twist trends high wait skirts.

This year we expect a lot more because Trends are about the future including fashion. Even though, we go back in time to appreciate fashion trends and always reinventing them into the modern rock looks. Recently from the London Fashion Week and New York fashion week, we spotted fashion trends this year that will be different and also more refreshing from what we are used too. It will be about the colors, which have been flocking the runways during the fashion weeks.


In Nigeria, we have also seen familiar trends as the rest of the world. Nigerians are very trendy; from rocking best fashion trends on red carpets to buying the latest gadgets (Mobile phones).


JUMIA has highlighted the trends that we should look out for this year, following the recent Trend rave on Fashion and Gadgets:


Trends Meets Jumia


Color Match up

 Jumia Trends color-matchup(1)


Pastels: Soft Colors

 Jumia Trends Pastels



Lace Everything

 Jumia Trends lace-everything



Print Instincts

 Jumia Trends prints instincts



Fab and Flare

 Jumia Trends Fab-and-Flare



Color spotting

Jumia Trends Color-spotting


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