HTC Unveils The HTC One M8



HTC has a new Flagship smartphone, the HTC One (M8). The most captivating thing about this smartphone is that is has a larger screen, louder speakers and has a depth sensor that lets photos be focused again after taking them.

Its predecessor did not do quite well in the market as people preferred Apple or Samsung products. The company hopes that with the improvement the HTC One(M8) will scoop more buyers.

HTC had shipped an estimated just 6.4 million units of the original HTC One smartphone, about a fifth of the volumes of flagship models from its rivals.

Although the new handset is a generic touchscreen Android handset, the company has opted to make the phone stand out with its camera feature rather that adding the megapixels. The company thinks that consumers will be more impressed with the phones ability to refocus blurry photos after they are taken.

The effect is a digital manipulation, which can change the apparent focus of objects to blur them, or sharpen them after the photo was taken. It also includes a gamut of photo filter effects.

HTC One (M8) smartphone also boasts a 40 percent improvement in battery life compared to its predecessor, despite coming with a larger screen.

The company aims to grow its market share to more than 5 percent by the end of this year, and is targeting a recovery to 10 percent market share within three years.

It will begin its sales right away and will begin in the UK and USA, global sales should start within the next few weeks.