Launches to Give Nigerians the Best freebies and giveaways online.



If you have been dreaming of a free lunch, your prayers are well answered and the good lord is gonna give you more than what you have been praying for.

Today in our land, just launched to be the source of freebies, local and International giveaways, contests and product promotion. Targeted only to users in Nigeria,, is the country’s first freebie website that wants to provide Nigerians with the best freebies and giveaways online for people who are passionate about saving money and finding deals and for those into contests or business owners and manufacturers who want to promote their products, get sign ups and give away some of their brands or product samples.

freestuffDon’t ask me who are these crazy girls or guys launching such a site.

However, one of the FreeBooners (my name for Freeboons spokesperson or co-founder said; “There are lots of freebie and bargain websites online worldwide, unfortunately it is almost impossible to win stuff and get them in Nigeria. On, we provide Nigerians with free stuff every day. We enable a wider base of Nigerians to benefit from our relationship with a variety of businesses and companies.”

It might seem like a crazy idea and yes it is.

Basically, Freeboons is offering businesses and companies a variety of ways to award customers with freebies or their products. host freebies offered by businesses and companies to help them gain customers and promote their product and services. Users have the chance to win these products and also get to know what these companies offer and what they are all about.  They charge some fees to the companies so users need not get worried about anything, as long as their data connection is on.

At the moment you can take home free gadgets, clothings, fragrance, beauty, food, makeup, face cleanser, bags, shoes and many more for you, your friends and your family without parting with any single Naira. Entrants are not required to register a membership with FreeBoons website in order to enter to win a freebie. All they are required to do is to either like a Facebook Page, follow a Twitter Page or fill up a survey; however, users must meet all the terms and conditions of FreeBoons. Entrants must be a legal resident of Nigeria and must be aged 18 or over.

Freeboons is teaming up with some of Nigeria’s leading companies and businesses to collect the best free stuff and offers available and provides Nigerians with a one-stop website full of freebies and giveaways.

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