CEO Weekends: Intel Sponsors the Technology Blog of the Year Category


Intel Corporation has put its money on the best technology blog in this year’s Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Awards set to go down tomorrow in Nairobi.

According to Lavinniah Muthoni, Marketing Manager, Intel Corporation East Africa, “The Kenyan blogging community has come a long way. We commend BAKE’s efforts in bringing together the bloggers’ community to achieve a common objective of providing as well popularizing relevant and useful local content online. As blogs continue to gain popularity in Kenya with more and more relevant content being made available, consumers’ decisions will be influenced by the reviews they read in these blogs. Intel is proud to be part of this year’s awards and commends the strides made by Kenya’s blogging community.”

The battle for Kenya’s tech scene is hot and in the awards, bloggers submitted their entries; the judges selected the top five blogs in all the categories then opened it up to the public to vote. Voting was allowed only once per category and nominated bloggers were allowed to vote for themselves.

Apart from TechMoran, other blogs nominated under the “Best technology blog” category for this year’s awards were ,,,

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