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MTN To Offer Unlimited Streaming Of “Unradio” Via WeChat.

by Shiko Gathoni
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MTN subscribers will now enjoy unlimited streaming of the new “unradio” radio service a first for broadcasting over cellular networks.

Following a deal between DJ Gareth Cliff and WeChat in which MTN has also collaborated in, subscribers paying R15 a month, will be offered unlimited listening to his new through the now popular WeChat app.

“This next step with MTN and WeChat is a really exciting part of our CliffCentral venture as we’ll be able to make our unradio experience even more accessible,” said Mr Cliff

The space will be exciting with the emerging popular social apps like WeChat, the programme will run from 6am-9am through his website, WeChat and Mr Cliff has been in the spotlight for his plain-spoken style and fearless criticism of politicians from Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema.

WeChat is part of a wave of next generation mobile messaging apps that combine the picture and video sharing Instagram, the messaging of Twitter and the community of Facebook with 355-million active monthly users.

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