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MTN To Offer Unlimited Streaming Of “Unradio” Via WeChat.

MTN subscribers will now enjoy unlimited streaming of the new “unradio” radio service a first for broadcasting over cellular networks.

Following a deal between DJ Gareth Cliff and WeChat in which MTN has also collaborated in, subscribers paying R15 a month, will be offered unlimited listening to his new through the now popular WeChat app.

“This next step with MTN and WeChat is a really exciting part of our CliffCentral venture as we’ll be able to make our unradio experience even more accessible,” said Mr Cliff

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The space will be exciting with the emerging popular social apps like WeChat, the programme will run from 6am-9am through his website, WeChat and Mr Cliff has been in the spotlight for his plain-spoken style and fearless criticism of politicians from Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema.

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