Thank You for Making TechMoran Number One Again!


Hi friends, we cannot take your votes for granted, not especially for nominating and voting for us as the best technology site for two years consecutively. It’s not enough just to say thank you but nevertheless, we just wanna say it, words cannot express our heartfelt gratitute.

Friends, we can never pay back every moment you stay here with us, every minute you take to comment and every second you share a link with your friends who now are our friends by default. We love heart you!

Thanks for voting for TechMoran in the just concluded Kenyan Blog Awards 2014. We are forever grateful. We do this for you, day and night and we have just began. We just wanted to say thank you so so much, we shall never be the same again!

And as always, The Winner is You!

Lots of love from Sam Wakoba and the TechMoran team.

If you still have questions, see below the vote tally.

  1. Best Technology Blog

  2. Best Photography Blog

  3. Best Creative Writing Blog

  4. Best Business Blog

  5. Best Food Blog

  6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog

  7. Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog

  8. Best Politics Blog

  9. Best New Blog

  10. Best Corporate Blog

  11. Best Topical Blog

  12. Best Sports Blog

  13. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog

  14. Best Travel Blog

  15. Best Health Blog

  16. Best County Blog

  17. Best Kenyan Blog of the Year