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Rwandanese To Receive SMS Disaster Alerts To Curb Heavy Impacts

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Rwandan government is set to introduce Short Messaging Service disaster alerts to notify the public about looming disasters to reduce impact of disasters in the country.

The Ministry of Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Affairs (Midmar) will enable people receive early warning disaster messages on their mobile phones to alert them before disaster strikes. Rwanda Meteorology Agency that forecasts weather and detects possible disasters will be sending text messages on people’s mobile phones warning them to vacate the areas when necessary.

Disasters killing 112 people last year and critically injuring 124 people have inspired the move which will help people prone to disaster areas as well as government agencies in charge of intervention, to respond immediately.

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Heavy rains, landslides and floods got 3,934 houses demolished with over 2,201 hectares of land were also devastated by the same disasters in various areas. The new project is intended to complete other monitoring initiatives in place like use of Geographical Information System, Global Positioning System and also remote sensing machines all in which identify likely future disasters.

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