Intel & African EduWeek Collaborate To Improve Teaching And Learning




More than 10 million students around the world are using Intel-based platforms and Intel Education Solutions to improve teaching and learning. The global technology giant is the exclusive diamond sponsor at this year’s African EduWeek, which will take place in Johannesburg from 10-11 July.

“Africans, without a doubt, understand the value of a good education. This acceptance of education, allows for a market with a willing attitude to embrace technology in education. There is still a need across the continent for affordable, high- quality education technology solutions in schools. There is a need to ensure teachers are able, skilled and confident to teach using this technology,” said Andre Christian, Education Business Development Manager at Intel

He continues: “on the product side of things we are definitely excited about the Intel reference design 10″ tablet, because it comes with added features such as a clip-on magnification lens and plug-in thermal probe that enables students to do scientific experiments. This device is also the most rugged tablet available in the market today, when you are looking at tablets that have been purpose built as an educational tool.”

“Another equally exciting development that may turn out to be our most exciting product this year”, adds Christian, “is the 2-in-1 Windows-based device, which is a fully featured tablet for when you need to consume multimedia and turns into a laptop for when you need to create content. This device also comes with lots of value added software.”

Intel’s Andre said that partnering with EduWeek incroprates all segmetns dealimg with Education into one conference.

Intel’s message on the event was: “education transformation is inevitable and that there is no right timing to integrate technology into the classroom, as waiting for the right moment might lead to you falling behind. With regard to government, our message will be that Intel Education shares practical materials and resources to help government and leaders within the education sphere refine their vision of success, develop practical strategies for achieving it, and plan a realistic budget. This will help to maximise the value of investments made in education transformation.”