Bester Zambuko Joins Media Enquiry In Zimbabawe

Bester Zambuko
Bester Zambuko
Bester Zambuko



Adrenalin Advertising CEO Bester Zambuko has been added to the members of the Information Media Panel of Inquiry, which has been established by government to investigate and assess the state of the media in Zimbabwe.

The panel, which is chaired by veteran journalist Geoff Nyarota, includes several senior journalists and experts from other professions.  Zambuko was asked to join the panel to represent the advertising industry.

The Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services established the panel last year to assess the state of the information and media industry in Zimbabwe, with a view to promoting and elevating media practice standards.

The panel began its outreach work last week, starting in Marondera and then moving onto various centres in Manicaland and Masvingo and most recently the Midlands.

In each centre it seeks the views of members of the public and the media, through public meetings, interviews and general discussions with media and information stakeholders.