Avanti Communications Selected to Deliver DFID Kenyan schools programme


Broadband services group Avanti Communications has entered into an strategic partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) to provide a new education programme for Kenyan schools


The group will be powering DFID’s programme to educate pupils in Kenya with its HYLAS 2 satellite, which provides 100% coverage over Kenya.

DFID has placed £9.46m in funding to the programme through its Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) initiative. 60000 Kenyan Students especially from marginalised regions are expected to benefit from this new partnership.

DIFG Avianti Communications Chief Exectutive, David Williams commented,”We are delighted to be leading such a significant programme for Kenyan education, enabled by DFID funding. Our innovative collaboration provides a unique solution to overcome the huge challenges faced by this sector.”

“Wide-scale deployment will positively impact hundreds of communities, powered by Avanti’s quality Ka-band satellite technology.”

Through DFID’s Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC), girls from poor and marginalised communities in Kenya will now be able to access quality education to transform their future and their communities.