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Equity Bank To Issue Special SIM Cards For Its MVNO.

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In a quest to save subscribers the trouble of migrating or carrying two phones in order to accommodate telco services to be offered by Equity bank starting July, customers will get special SIM cards to simultaneously access the lender’s Mobile Virtual Network without partying ways with the existing telecoms operators.

The ultra slim SIM cards to be issued at no price to the existing customers can sit on the back of normal SIM cards, turning your phone into a dual SIM although it only has one slot. Calls and services from both lines will not be disrupted since the special SIM Skin gets married to the existing card.

In a sector that has proven hard for customers to move from preferred networks, the 0.1 milimetres SIM will make it easier for a customer to have both networks on their phone with the special card allowing cheap international phone calls by diverting traffic from parent network to the carry-on SIM.

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The SIM also comes loaded with mobile wallets for financial services with the new technology being spearheaded by global firms like Taisys solutions and Digitech communications.

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