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Nigeria’s Cliptext Helps You Make Memes Quickly

by Sam Wakoba
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001Cliptext, a new Android app aims to help users make memes with their photos fast by adding captions to their photos automatically and being able to share with their friends on any social network, fast and easily.
Launched by Nigeria’s Hipingg, a photo sharing app, Cliptext allows users to simply press a button on their screen, take a picture, add a text caption on it, and Cliptext app automatically takes the clip with the caption immediately.
Speaking to TechMoran, Prudence Okoilu the founder of Hipingg said, “The idea came about when i was thinking of better ways for people to express themselves more through photos, and i noticed that sometimes people don’t understand what a photo is trying to say until they read the caption. So i thought of a way to merge these two (photo+caption) as a single photo and the ability to share.”
The app works easily, a user download it then registers with a prefered username and email, they select their age range and input number, then they select the love icon to take a picture and in the process, tap the main app screen to type in the caption. Then click on the diamond button to save and share the Clip.
Once a user clicks on the Clip, the folder also called Cliptext is saved. One can then share with friends on their favourite social media platforms.
003Okoilu adds that Cliptext gives users the ability to express themselves through photos and is an easier to use app. He see it becoming popular in this age of selfies and visual messaging like via Snapchat among others. Download the app here.


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