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How to save ink at home when printing

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It can sometimes seem as though you are spending inordinate amounts of money on replenishing your printer ink.  For something so small in size printer ink cartridges can seem to have a price that is out of all proportion but they are something that a lot of us need.

For businesses and individuals it is important to reduce printing costs by as much as possible, especially if your printing output is large.  Ink is the most expensive outlay you will have in printing so it is important not to waste it and to optimize its use. You can learn more by visiting this link.

How can you reduce your costs by making the best use of your printer ink?

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Smart printing involves a lot of common sense, but you don’t always consider it, especially when you are in a rush to get urgent documents printed.  So here are some things to think about.

  • Do you really need to print?  A lot of people automatically answer yes to this question.  Even in this technological age, for some there is something comforting about having a hardcopy to hand.  Think of how much ink is used as a result.  There are very few reasons why you would need to print out information; if you want to read something do so on the screen.  If you want to show your prospective new home to a friend send them a link to the website.

Remember that there is a print preview facility; how often do people actually use it?  Yes it may be that you are in a hurry and don’t want to take the extra time.  But in the end using print preview can save time if you make sure you are printing a document correctly first time.  More importantly you are saving the cost of the extra ink used if you make a mistake.

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  • Why is it ever necessary to print in color?  Color printer ink is more expensive than black so it is always best to use the black printer ink.  Color may look better when you are printing images but is it absolutely necessary?
  • PowerPoint can be a nightmare for print costs, especially if the slides are in color; it was never intended for presentations to be printed out, that’s what screens are for.  Home users tend to use Word and Excel more often than PowerPoint.  But if you do ever have to print from PowerPoint consider just printing the notes so that you have a record of what you need to say in your presentation  without incurring a lot of additional printer ink costs.
  • Draft mode is great for the everyday needs of the home user.  The print quality is not as good but it is perfectly adequate for most normal requirements.

The price of printer ink doesn’t seem as though it’s going to reduce anytime soon.  But there are ways you can reduce costs by being sensible in what you print and how you go about printing it.

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