HartNamtemah Launches to Offer Consulting & Funding for African Startups


10169395_530400413737570_5148718949178051453_nHartNamtemah.com has launched in Ottawa Canada to uncover investment opportunities and cultivate innovative startups in Africa, an emerging market it says has enormous growth potential.

The platform aim to give business consulting and investment desicions to startups and investors globally in a move to uncover remarkable business opportunities in Africa and as well foster the growth and success of innovative startups.

Founded by Rodrigue Fouafou and Marc Andre Hart, HartNamtemah aims to change how startups do business in Africa by providing them with knowledge, business consulting and mentoring.

“We invest in promising startups, launch our own ventures and projects, and connect investors and entrepreneurs with unique business opportunities throughout Africa and other emerging markets,” says the firm, adding that Africa’s growth potential has long been undermined due to inadequate strategic management expertise and early stage capital even when all reports claim is the most promising continent.

According to a BBC report,  Africa’s economy is growing faster than any other continent and one-third of Africa’s countries have GDP growth rates of more than 6%. A McKinsey report dubbed the rise of the African Consumer says, “By now, most investors and businesses know about the tremendous potential of Africa—the world’s second-fastest-growing region, topped only by emerging Asia. The report says Africa’s consumer-facing industries are expected to grow by $400 billion, representing its single-largest business opportunity, by 2020 in categories such as apparel, financial services, groceries, the Internet, and telecommunications.

To HartNamtemah, great is the oportunity for both investors and tech startups to get on the ground and build Africa’s tech startup boom. However, with all such positive reports, the firm says stability and strategic guidance are needed to nurture Africa’s burgeoning tech scene and transform smart ideas into sustainable businesses.

“Owing to our wealth of experience launching and working with tech startups in both developed and emerging markets, HartNamtemah is well equipped to help African entrepreneurs succeed on the world stage and to educate global investors about doing business in Africa. We are committed to building bridges between like-minded entrepreneurs and investors who are enthusiastic about participating in Africa’s tech startup boom,” says the firm.

Now working with 7 countries including Njorku, Bumbou, Kiiro Games among others, HartNamtemah aims to shape innovation in Africa by connecting investors to African startups.