Tanzania’s Kariakoo Market Rolls Out Online Services.


Tanzania’s largest market Kariakoo has rolled out online services that will see daily publishing of daily commodity prices on its site. The corporation made up of a main building and smaller market outdoor featuring 82 shops will henceforth give better exposure to the individual retailers.

The move by Kariakoo Market Corporation is a mile stone in the country’s Agricultural sector which will enable the public to know real time prices of commodities in the market as well as assist farmers in their budgets by getting first hand prices of tools, fertilizers and necessary products to do with their activity.

Established in 1974,Kariakoo Masoko Corporation has since coordinated agricultural trades from different parts of the country. The move will now advance ways of business in the country and also to markets outside the country which will be in a position to tell real time market rates.

The newly launched information service on the website will serve as a bridge between farmers and consumers allowing the market’s customers to meet all their Plot Domestic Needs in one place via mobile devices.

Subscribers will be required to send a text message and name of the product to +255655605081 and 15620 to get prices on different commodities. Each text message will be charged 150/-.