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East African country rally to institute low calling rates

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The East African Community (EAC) plans to harmonize regional calling rates to facilitate easy business operations among countries within the bloc.

Among plans to launch pocket-friendly calling rates include working collaboratively with the regions communication technology leaders and telcos among other stakeholders who play a key role in integrating countries the member states. EAC plans to involve all telecommunications companies in the region.

ICT ministers from member countries, namely Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, convened in the One Area Network Project of the Northern corridor infrastructure sponsored by Airtel Rwanda to establish better platforms for traders in the EAC bloc. It is expected that the charges may be scrapped or a considerable reduction in the rates be instituted.

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Telecom operators and governments are expected to work together in the project that has been a subject of discussion in the region over the recent past.

It is likely that mobile users in the member countries will enjoy low calling rates if the move is successful.

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