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‘Abbas’ personal façade turns Kenya Red Cross Twitter account into a joke

While Kenya Red Cross, a humanitarian organization, created a hash tag under the tag name #AskAbbas to communicate with Kenyans via Twitter, it generated long-winded talk targeted at Kenya Red Cross boss Abbas Gullet and rapper Abbas Kubaff.

Abbas Gullet

Kenyans used the hash tag to ask Mr. Gullet questions about rapper Abbas Kubaff instead of questions related to the humanitarian organization.

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Deepak Kimani wrote on Twitter, “#AskAbbas – Why were you divorced by baby Gangsta, was it an emergency court hearing.”

‏@RamzZy_ also wrote, “#AskAbbas – Will K-South get saved and reunite to drop a “Jesus died on the Red Cross fah Ma Sins” album?”

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Similarly, Mastermind wrote, “#AskAbbas – Why don’t you have Bamboo’s accent?”

After it became clear that there would be no significant interaction with Kenyans via Twitter, Gatobu Mugambi asked #AskAbbas, “Do you believe this hash tag imeGULLET down?”

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