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Microsoft & Kenya Orient Insurance Partner to Secure Your Windows Phone

1187158_445268362254692_1937768477_nWhether it’s Gorrila Corning glass or whatever type of glass, phone screens can crack anytime if they’re handled badly or dropped have come across several that have been smashed beyond use and needed the screen replaced and back covers changed too.

Today, Microsoft and Kenya Orient Insurance Limited launched a partnership to provide an insurance cover for Windows Phone users so they can protect their devices from accidental damage such as screen repair or liquid damage repair.

According to the two, the package ranges from 1.5% for a Kshs 70,000 or 2% for a Kshs 20,000 device and no excess fee will be charged and user simply send an SMS with their phone’s IMEI number to 70707* to opt into the service. Two verification messages will be sent with further registration details.

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However, if you bought your two years ago, you might not be able to register it but who bought a Lumia two years ago anyway? The insurance deal only covers devices that are not older than two years from date of purchase and an insurer can only make a maximum of two claims per device per year.

Launched in September 2013, Orient Mobile was the first such move in Kenya with just Kshs. 999 in annual premium but the firm used all the wrong channels of pushing it and it was forgotten by the public as it was launched, except for a few who really love their mobile phones. Kenya Orient Insurance needs to push these insurance cover for mobile phones even to corporate firms and even come to my door asking that I insure my phone. More of such partnerships will also see real phone buyers reached and their devices covered. They need to even work with mobile money providers to have user insure their phones via mobile money, otherwise the mobile phone insurance cover itself is a brilliant product.

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The partnership was unveilled at the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 launch this morning.

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