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Kenya National Music Festivals to benefit from Sh15 million Unilever sponsorship

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 Consumer goods manufacturer Unilever has announced a Sh15 million sponsorship for the Kenya NationalMusic Festivals which kick off yesterday (Monday August 4) in Mombasa.

UNILEVERUnder the theme “Nurturing Creative Talent for Prosperity”, the 10-dayfestival will be held at Mombasa’s Agha Khan Primary School and will bring together more than 150,000 participants and trainers drawn from Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, teachers’ colleges, universities and other learning institutions under the Ministry of Education.

Unilever CEO Marc Engel said Unilever had partnered with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in this event as title sponsors for the second year running. He added that the sponsorship is in line with Unilever’s mission to promote talent among young people who form the largest component of society.

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The sponsorship has been channeled through four of its brands – Blueband, Lifebuoy, Omo and Rexona.

“As Unilever, we have a responsibility towards our consumers and to the community. Around the world we invest in local economies and develop people’s skills inside and outside of Unilever. And through our business and brands, we run a range of programmes to promote hygiene, nutrition, empowerment and environmental awareness,” said Mr Engel.

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The sponsorship has been divided equally among four themes – showcased through music, choral verses and poems in both Swahili and English – geared towards promoting healthy living by embracing handwashing, optimal nutrition, personal grooming and play.

First held in 1927, the Kenya Music festival is an annual cultural fete that is a landmark in the calendar of events at the Ministry of Education. Running from zonal to the national level between May and August, the festival exposes various participants, trainers and teachers to electrifying performances which are both entertaining and educative.

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