Saturday, August 13, 2022
Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Kenyan ‘Bicycle Furniture’ Maker Going Places

by Stella Kabura
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photo6In Kenya, wood is the most popular material in home, workstation and entertainment décor, but one entrepreneur profiled on CNN International’s ‘African Start-Up’ this week has cut an edge with a highly differentiated and ingenious product- bicycle furniture.

After quitting his three year accountant job in 2012, Martin Ojwang, the proprietor of Ojey’s Designs Limited, discovered a source of income from bicycles that does not involve transportation.

Ojey’s Designs Limited uses bicycle parts from rims and tires, to spokes and pedals. These are welded together to form the base of his furniture. “We do the bar stools, the bar tables and the trays, those go to the pub. We also do chairs and tables for café and restaurants that are starting up,” he says.

Ojwang’s workshop is based on a balcony of the 5th floor of an apartment block he lives in. “Getting a shop outside is pretty expensive because you have to pay rent for three months and then the good will,” he says.

“I started alone and then I employed some two people for assisting and right now, Ojey’s Designs, we actually have four employees and we have four casual workers who come when the production is high,” Ojwang tells ‘African Start-Up’.

Although Ojey’s Designs Limited makes the furniture on an order basis and markets the products online, Martin Ojwang’s startup is grappling with challenges such as penetrating the market, pricing and getting the raw materials.

Don’t miss this Kenyan success story on ‘African Start-Up’, Wednesday 06 August in ‘Connect the World’ at 1800 Kenyan time on CNN International.


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