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Ebola search on Google up 2000%, Google releases documentary

Google’s recent stats shows the search for Ebola and related searches on its search engine rose to a record 2000%, within the last one week. Ebola outbreak in some African countries such as Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia is an ongoing subject of concern and searches like “Ebola,” “Ebola symptoms” and “what is Ebola” have predominated.

Google says the highest searches originated from Liberia. In return, Google appears to have showed concern for its users and has released a documentary to track the origin of Ebola. In using the power of collaborative technology to leverage health care, Google tracked the spread of Ebola on Google Map, from its origin in Zaire in 1976 to last week’s airlift to the United States.

Aside from indicating the locations of several instances of the spread of the infection, the constantly updating map offers useful resources on reports on Ebola by World Health Organisation (WHO), the pathogenicity of the five strains of the virus and the shocking revelations of the laboratory accidents  that have occurred across the globe.

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The map documents some of the gossips linked to the spread of the disease, including the April rumours that the virus had spread to Italy.

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