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Juju App That Tracks Down Cheating Spouses On WhatsApp Gains A Following


WhatsApp has improved the convenience of sending or receiving messages without fussing about how much phone credit you’ll spend. However, cheating spouses, rebellious kids and unruly employees now have their days numbered as Juju app is now gaining a following in countries like Kenya, helping victims confront them unsuspectingly through phone messages.

“I suspected my daughter of substance abuse.  Unfortunately I had no proof of this. So I installed JUJU on her phone and  set up trigger words for her calls and SMS. These words were ‘cocaine, coke, heroine, marijuana, dealer’ and a few more. She was not only abusing drugs she was also  selling them to other people,” is a testimonial that the spy agency has received of late. The parent marks one of the over 400 people who have subscribed to the app since it was launched in 2010.

Active in Kenya for the past five years, the Juju Mobile Phone spy software is directly uploaded onto a mobile phone and receives copies of all SMS, Call Logs, Emails, GPS Locations (via Google Maps) and listens to conversations within minutes of purchase. “We install the App for you or you download it on the target phone,” explains a vendor, noting that within a day, at least five people call to purchase they spyware.

Despite the app being launched in Kenya four years ago, it is now able to track down WhatsApp messages. Yet, WhatsApp hit the Kenyan market less than two years ago. Once the spyware has been uploaded on the Target phone, it gathers information on incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as SMS and sends this information through a text message to the victim and his or her web account with all the details included.

Then, after installation, the user would need to send configuration SMS commands from any phone, globally.  The configuration or SMS Commands are silent and cannot be detected on the target device.  With the SMS commands, one can activate, deactivate, and change the Listening phone number.

After the configuration is complete, you can call up the target phone and the microphone of the target handset will be switched on without any visual indications and you will be able to listen into the room conversations.

You will also receive SMS every time there is an incoming or an outgoing call places on the target phone. You can enable/disable this feature at any time by sending a SMS command to the target device.

JUJU is compatible with smartphones using Android, Blackberry and iPhone. It will work with  all carriers as long as there is an internet connection on the phone.  Some of the popular brands include Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony  Ericsson, Blackberry, iPhone to mention a few. Installing the software costs Sh15 000.

For details, contact 0722518610; 0737576390, or Email at [email protected].