Uhasibu Launches MiniERP to Help SME’s Run their Businesses on the Go

Michael Pedersen, Director Uhasibu, Jerhqouelyne Lemmy, developer and Angela Nzioki, sales and marketing lead/image-Businessdaily
Michael Pedersen, Director Uhasibu, Jerhqouelyne Lemmy, developer and Angela Nzioki, sales and marketing lead/image-Businessdaily

Most business owners treat accounts or books as the accountant’s domain. Very few if any want to be bothered about the nitty gritty of their business books. But the one thing that all business owners can agree on is that they always want to run their businesses more professionally.

They want to prevent any money leakage; they want to look more professional to their customers; they want to make it as easy as possible for their customers to make payments; they want it to be easy to calculate their employees salaries especially in the case where employees earn commissions and so on. In simple words, the most important thing all business people want to hear from anyone selling a management package is whether;  you are helping them save money or helping them make more money. It is as simple as that!

This is the story that the MiniERP team ran into time after time from business people while selling their pioneer product Uhasibu, Kenya’s best accounting package. They realised that as much as accounting was very very important (and cannot be ignored), most people would rather start at solving their operational business challenges, then move on to the accounting challenges.

This has been the motivation behind launching MiniERP. MiniERP is a management package that helps business owners manage their business not just their books. It is a cloud based financial management package that also works when the internet is down. It allows you to completely make your business run digitally but with very little money spent in terms of buying digital equipment. It specifically targets small and medium companies that are facing financial management challenges, SMEs such as barbershops, pharmaceuticals, clothing stores etc.

The good news is that MiniERP is also integrated with Uhasibu. Business people can now have all the packages under one roof! On the front end, the front line staff can use MiniERP to manage the business and all this information is also automatically pushed to the back end where the accountant can easily come and finish up the books.

It has been a long journey for many business people to achieve this kind of efficiency in their businesses and the MiniERP team is glad to announce that finally that journey is coming to an end. The stand that the team is taking is that SMEs are the future of the East African economy and what better way to make this dream a reality than make the lives of these companies easier so that they can finally stop worrying about mere paperwork and finally concentrate all their energies in the actual running of their businesses, thus making the much sort out money that we are all looking for!