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ISAT Zambia launches commercial satellite hub in Lusaka

by Robin Okuthe
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ISAT Zambia has launched the first commercial VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) hub in Lusaka. The VSAT, which is a small private earth station, will be used to transmit and receive data via a satellite. 

VSAT hub

ISAT Zambia is a member of the Wananchi Group, which is a $300 million investment fund with operations in six countries within Africa.

Margaret Mudenda, the director of ZICTA (Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority) congratulated ISAT for investing in a new and advanced VSAT hub in Lusaka, which is the first commercial hub. “This is essential and significant to the development of the ICT sector,” she said.

While speaking at the corporate launch, Mudenda further stated: “VSAT will remain a vital medium for the far-to-reach regions of the country. With the VSAT in place, every traffic will  be routed via the hub in Lusaka therefore ensuring that traffic originating or destined in Zambia will be exchanged right here in Lusaka through the internet exchange ahead of making its way to the global internet.”

Mudenda also promised ISAT as well as other stakeholders within the ICT sector that it would do its level best to preserve a level playing field that is conducive for continuous development and greater ICT penetration in Zambia.

According to Mudenda, the acquisition of terrestrial capacity from the sub-marine fiber systems TEAMS, EaSSY and SEACOM through Tanzania had brought about a third major route for international terrestrial capacity to Zambia, others being through Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Richard Alden, the CEO of Wananchi Group stated that the company had expanded into Zambia since it offers huge potential for future growth.

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