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Kenya Airways partners with Airtel Africa to drive CSR program in Africa

by Robin Okuthe
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Kenya Airways, among the best and most respected airline companies on the continent, has partnered with Airtel to allow both companies drive a border Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme in Africa.


The partnership, which was signed by the companies’ chief executives, will last for three years. It will assist Kenya Airways, and Airtel implement major areas of their CSR agenda, which is aimed at overcoming modern socio-economic challenges within Africa.

The two key areas of synergy concentrate on the environment and education, which are part of the companies’ CSR initiatives on the continent.

“Further than our growing business relationship, this is an excellent partnership for two companies that are already bringing positive and long-lasting transformation to communities across Africa.

“We recognized education as one of our focus areas since there are essential synergies where we can widen scale and size to maximize benefits to the communities where we operate,” stated Christian de Faria, CEO of Airtel Africa.

According to Dr. Titus Naikuni, Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and Chief Executive, the collaboration will not only deepen their joint social-investment capabilities in communities within Africa, it will also take advantage of their shared footprint

He further added, “We are both giving back to the communities throughout Africa by investing in educational infrastructure. This new partnership brings to our CSR approach an interesting dimension via sustainable collaboration.”

While Kenya Airways flies to 46 destinations in the continent, Airtel is in 17 markets within Africa, which shows how far each of them reaches throughout the region.

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