Airtel launches WTFB bundles for Social Media lovers


wtf airtel


Airtel Nigeria has introduced a special internet bundle offer package, which is tagged WTFB — acronym for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM. It will provide consumers total access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and BBM.

The offer comes in two variants: the weekly social bundle and the monthly social bundle. To activate the monthly social bundles, subscribers will dial *990# and dial *991# for the weekly social bundle. The monthly social bundle attracts a fee of N200 while consumers are billed N100 for the weekly social bundle.

Commenting on the innovative value offering, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Maurice Newa, said the new package is consistent with the company’s commitment to providing affordable and innovative mobile Internet service, saying it will offer telecoms consumers a strong platform to express themselves regardless of their income level, social status and location.

“Airtel is passionate about driving innovation and mobile Internet service. As the fastest growing data operator in the country, we will continue to offer Nigerians bespoke mobile Internet solutions that will empower them to fulfill their dreams and realize their full potentials,” he said.

Only recently, Airtel Nigeria announced the introduction of Internet Bundles for Android devices. The package, which is first of its kind in the country, was designed to make life simpler, exciting and more enjoyable for telecoms consumers across the country.

It is specifically tailored to empower Android users to connect with business associates, family and friends and also enable them enjoy an amazing data experience on their smartphones.