CEO Weekends: SAP encourages Kenya industries to take advantage of Big Data technology to help grow economy


Estelle de Beer, Manager for Database Technology at SAP Africa


SAP East Africa, at a round table in Nairobi, informed the media of the value of big data for industries; and not only that, the company also highlighted how industries such as financial services, public sector and energy could gain value from new technologies, learn how to challenge old assumptions of doing things and spot new opportunities for economic growth.

Estelle de Beer, Manager for Database Technology at SAP Africa said: “SAP technology for Big Data is built on proven best practices across industries; this is an opportunity for companies to accelerate growth even faster using actionable insights that comes with such powerful technology. SAP HANA for Big Data gives companies the technology platform to make things happen, by helping solve business challenges inn real time using predictive analytics to uncover hidden opportunities”.

SAP’s strength lies in understanding the various industry dynamics and finding ways to help companies unlock opportunities. This was evident through the Big Data demonstrations showcasing how various industries are benefiting from using Big Data technology.

SAP was able to demonstrate how big data can access performance, maintenance reports and monitoring sites from anywhere using a single mobile device, as well as show where and how to replace worn out parts which is done seamlessly eliminating production downtime thus saving costs

“A person crossing a road is able to take real time input of the different vehicles and their speed on the road. From their life history, one can predict the speed and location of these vehicles at a certain time, thus making a decision when to cross the road – they do not have to go to a library to analyse what they see before crossing the road. Likewise, making business decisions should happen in real time without having to manually analyze data. Before, we could not make predictions because we did not have all that data – now, we do,“ added Estelle

In addition to real time decision making, SAP has designed its HANA Big Data platform to utilize natural user interfaces such as maps.

“We use maps as interface because that’s what people want to interact with. Using maps interface is a much more natural way to interact with information,” she concluded.