ZOL Zimbabwe Has A New CEO, Denny Marandure

Denny Marandure
Denny Marandure


Denny Marandure is now back in Zimbabwe as the CEO of the country’s internet provider ZOL; he has been working for Verizon Communications for the last twelve years. Prior to that, Marandure has worked for the past nineteen years in America and South Africa and has enough experience to take ZOL by storm.

“ZOL Fibroniks is so much more than a simple fibre in the ground to your home,” said Marandure, “It is a lifestyle en-abler.  And here in Zimbabwe we have the opportunity to get in front of technology with the latest materials and systems.  We are going to put Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean people at the front of the world stage.”

Marandure’s experience in America has taught him the importance of the customer experience and he intends to ensure that ZOL develops a reputation for a world-class service.

“We will be monitoring and enhancing present activities together with implementing training and corrective measures right across the company. The customer experience starts at the inception of the order and continues through the whole process, even continuing with maintenance and after care.” He said.

Marandure started as a Business Analyst then moving on to Senior Pricing Analyst with Verizon Communications, he later was promoted to Regional Business Manager and for the last five years worked as Strategy and Business Development Manager for their global division, reporting directly to the Vice President of Verizon Global Enterprise.  Prior to Verizon, Marandure had gained essential financial experience working for accountants Price Waterhouse Cooper as senior business management consultant, and IBM as a financial analyst.

In his education journey, Marandure left Mutare High School and attended University of Zimbabwe and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBS) in 1988 and after working for a few years in Zimbabwe he went on to pursue his MBA degree in Howard University in Washington DC.