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Nigeria’s Concept Nova Develops Fleetrak Monitor to Watch Over Your Fleet

by Sam Wakoba
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306814_390565801007901_316692925_nCar theft in Nigeria is a sad reality, and most vehicles are never recovered. It’s not different in the United States, according to the FBI, a motor vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds. In Nigeria, this happens at half that time.

Sometime in 2012, in a bid to tackle the increasing cases of vehicle theft the Nigeria Police inaugurated the Biometric Central Motor Registry (BCMR) which is a biometric technology that was supposed to attach automobile owners’ special and unique biological traits as well as personal data to their vehicle for easy identification, authentication, protection, and crime control. This system was to help provide easy tracking and monitoring for vehicles nationwide and be a quicker and easy means of reporting vehicle theft and other crimes.

We are not sure what happened to such a noble idea.

FleeTrak Monitor, a new electronic component installed in a vehicle that uses GPS technology to identify, locate, and maintain contact reports with one or more fleet vehicles in real-time aim to help protect anyone’s car irrespective of who they are.

Car owners can fit the basic tracker with simple features or a more robust one that works as far out as monitor fuel consumption and assisting with vehicle health check prompts.

When installed, the tracker promises to pin-point exact location of you, your family, or your staff. Helps manage a driver’s driving pattern by alerting and notifying one in cases of reckless driving and usage. Provides safety and peace of mind in the event of a threat to the vehicle (hijack/theft), effectively Track Fuel Consumption, which helps you monitor fuel consumption as well as reduce usage and sets location parameters and be guided accordingly.

The FleeTrak Monitor is managed by Concept Nova, a Nigerian IT software firm. FleeTrack Monitor aims to give vehicle owners an integrated solution for real time tracking and management of both on-road and off-road assets and comes with customer service, 24/7 monitoring and recovery team and technical support.

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