Nigeria’s T-Shirt Factory Launches Website to Serve the Whole of Africa


10330297_682181555181632_2116644031246696805_nNigeria’s T-Shirt Factory , a T-Shirt design, manufacturer and supplier for individuals, corporate organizations, teams, churches, schools, retailers and more has turned to the domain name, to help position them as the premier T-shirt production company across the continent.

The new website is focused on providing information about the company to potential customers and investors.

T-Shirt Factory CEO, Nero Ogheneovo said, “It was important for us to develop a new website as we brand our company for growth beyond Nigeria. The new website is key as T-Shirt Factory Africa is growing to become a full-scale custom T-shirt production company that will serve the whole of Africa.” is targeted to small businesses, non-profit organizations, bloggers, artists, etc. in Africa and comes with mobile sites and traditional desktop websites optimized for viewing in the African environment plus free membership into the Africa.COMmunity.

Headquartered in Nigeria with a second office in Ghana, T-Shirt Factory currently has two established brands, T-Shirt Factory Nigeria and T-Shirt Factory Ghana. T-Shirt Factory Africa will help it branch out to the whole continent.

10305978_676662012400253_7665798910369611038_nAccording to Chairman and CEO Teresa Clarke, “ is proud to partner with T-Shirt Factory Africa in continuing efforts to offer affordable services to small businesses, NGOs, bloggers, artists, professionals and anyone across the continent. We want to help small organizations throughout the continent get their voices online.” is working to become the go to resource for building an online brand in Africa. Global brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and Africans with an idea to build something online are adding the domain name to their digital footprint.