Thursday, August 18, 2022
Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Two Social Entrepreneurs Take Home 250 Euros Each From Cheetah Fund Crowdfunding Bootcamp

by Sam Wakoba
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BzhLL5jCEAAwY44Sitawa Wafula’s Mental Awareness Creation campaign and tied at the top place as the best projects at the end of 1% Club’s day one Cheetah Fund BootCamp which aims to help suport local entreprenuers to build successful businesses.

The two projects both took home 250 Euros after raising 12 Euros of the required 6,000 Euros in the next 30 days. The two projects aim to raise funds to see their projects materialize.

Speaking to TechMoran, Sitawa Wafula said,”I am excited about this win as it shows people are positive about creating mental health awareness. The money that I will raise will be  used  to create awareness about our 22214 hotline that is totally free for everyone. We also call them back to give them mental health awaress.

Wafula earlier won the Google Connected Africa top grants which she used to build a free counselling centre for everyone experiencing mental health issues.

Beatrice Kodero of the Give Okwaroh a Book campaign told TechMoran that they are raising money to set up library in Kisumu country so that the public can donate books to help kids get a better education. The campain is looking for 6,000 Euros from their Cheetah Fund campaign.

The Cheetah Fund campaign is a story influenced by Ghanaian Economist George Ayittey famous qoute he made in 2007.

“The Cheetah Generation is entrepreneurial. So they are going to get off and take their own initiative to solve problems in Africa. Africa’s salvation and Africa’s future rests on the backs of this Cheetah Generation. They are the young and the agile and they’re fast, and you can see a lot of them. Many, many, many African countries who are not just sitting there and waiting for governments to come and do things for them. In fact, their outlook is refreshingly different. Asia has its Tigers; Africa will have its Cheetahs.”

1% Club’s Marketing Manager Suzanne Van Siraaten told TechMoran that it’s the entrepreneurs in the Cheetah generation that Cheetah Fund aims to support to build their own businesses.

“Ayittey’s qoute got us thinking at 1% Club what we could do support the Cheetah Generation because we believe in it. So instead of just talking about it, we decided to do something about it as 1 %Club. Initially 1% Club was set to crowd-fund for African projects in the Netherlands but then we decided it’s right for Africa to crowd-fund for its projects as well. The Cheetah Fund aims to see the entrepreneurs use their own networks to support their ideas.

The 400,000 Euro Fund is targeting primarily social & environmental impact driven projects across Africa and is training the participants to raise at least 30% of their targeted crowd-funding amount in 30 days then it will top up the rest. The 30% in 30 days will seperate men from boys as those who manage to raise the 30% are not only eager to get their project off the ground but can also motivate others to support their campaign.

The event’s sessions are taking the participants in areas such as social media, pitching, story telling, communication among others-skills needed to crowd-fund.

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