Kass Marathon to employ the use of tracking chips in race


Kass Marathon

In a bid to avoid cheating in the upcoming Kass Marathon 2014, the organizers have decided to use technology to track the athletes to ensure they go through the designated route.

Julius Lamaon, the chief executive officer at Kass Media, said, “Every ten kilometres has an antenna to be able to pick athletes as they move. So we are able to know those athletes who have crossed the ten kilometre points.”

The marathon expects to have 5,000 participants and it is unclear what kind of technology and how much will be used to provide the tracking chips to all the athletes.

In the recent past, the numerous marathons in the country have seen a lot of athletes not completing the full race route, making organizers worried that their races are not legitimate.

The matter is taken seriously in major international marathons, with technology being used over the years.