Facebook’s Internet.org Launches in Tanzania

z160After launching in July in Zambia on Airtel, Internet.org has today launched in Tanzania for Tigo subscribers in Tanzania in a move expected to provide users with free access to basic internet services so they can browse useful health, education, finance, employment, communication and local information and services without data charges.
Through the Internet.org app, Tigo customers will have access apps such as:
BabyCenter & MAMA
BBC News & BBC Swahili
The Citizen
Facts for Life
Girl Effect
Shule Direct
Tanzania Today
With over seven (7) million registered subscribers, Tigo will be offering free access to basic internet services through Facebook’s Internet.org app, a move expected to getting as many people as possible online and get access to education, technology, and commerce.
“Today we are expanding our program with Tigo in Tanzania beyond just free Facebook to include access to a suite of basic services in health, education, communication, finance, jobs and local information. By providing more people with affordable access to technology and tools we can accelerate the process of connecting everyone,” said Andrew Bocking, Product Manager, Internet.org, Facebook.Tigo customers in Tanzania can access the Internet.org app through the Google Play Store, by visiting www.internet.org on a mobile browser, via the Tigo portal, and through a bookmark on Opera Mini. The service works on smartphones and feature phones.

Tigo has pioneered innovations such as Facebook in Kiswahili, Tigo Pesa App for Android & iOS users, and East Africa’s first cross-border mobile money transfer with currency conversion.