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Mobile and web apps updates that are long overdue

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Top Free in Android Apps   Android Apps on Google Play

Above image show the top 10 mobile apps on Android, each with over 100M download on average means everyone with  an android phone has installed at least two of these apps. Personally I have 9/10 of these apps.

As a product development and User experience designer at Gigwapi, I sit in between the developers and the users, where I have to translate user needs to developers in a ‘developer’ understandable language and the end result is relevant and usable on the user side

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Having done these for years now, I can’t help but notice some obvious flaws in these popular apps. It’s important to note while I refer to them as flaws they might as well be strategic decision from the makers of these apps.


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Quote and Tweet on web version

Twitter being the 3rd most popular app with 284 million monthly active users, 80% active users on mobile Its understandable if they concentrate most of their activities on the Mobile app experience and they sure have done a good job at that, However, on web there is some annoying experience, ‘why can’t i quote and tweet on web’ like it is on mobile?

Upload image on twitter from Dropbox

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Inter app communication is critical on Mobile especially if they are complimentary services ex. The dialler app and messaging app. Twitter for mobile lack a very important feature where I can upload photos saved in my Dropbox, Its sucks every time I’m about to upload a photo.


For real Costolo,why can’t I edit my Tweets?



Instagram might have the most reasonable reason for or lack of certain functionalities in the app but I can’t excuse Lack of Regram – Photo Repost like retweet on twitter.The multiple 3rd party apps like PhotoRepost  with 5m downloads shows  it’s an obvious need

Delete/edit comment on Instagram

‘To err is human’ a key factor that anyone building a consumer app should considers, well not Instagram  and I don’t understand what strategic reason they might have for not having an edit function on post and comments.

Add more than one account on Instagram

If you have or manage more than one account you understand where the struggle J


Active members on Whatsapp Chat group

Whatsapp is the Holy Grail of all messaging apps, the last seen feature is ultimately the biggest winner for the app and that needs to be implemented on Whatsapp group, while I don’t really need to know who all online persons I need to know the number of people online at that particular time on the group.

Google Play Store

Google Play store, I applaud the MyApp section feature but  it still need a few upgrades like arranging my installed apps based on frequency of usage for easier discovery when reinstalling the apps.

Opera mini

Opera mini – I have since moved from this app after I realised that I was missing on better mobile experiences on sites like Facebook, Google search and Gigwapi. It would be great if they concentrate on making the app mobile data friendly while not compromising on browsing experience

M-ledger and Ma3route – better UI icons

Being the two most downloaded Kenyan apps I have nothing but respect for the makers, solving a need in a user convenient way is a lot of hard work that looks like magic. One thing though, they all need to work on the aesthetic features of their apps, mostly icons and general layout to build a unique brand identity.

Personally, I have to give it to Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox and True Caller for having a flawless user experiences.  Not perfect but they stand out of the rest

I know I can’t exhaust all overdue annoying update, Please share your experiences on the comment section

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Kinyanjui Njonde
Kinyanjui Njonde
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